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Mrs McCrimmon chats with the inimitable @SafeSpaceDrWho about the latest Special 'Revolution of the Daleks', and we do a bit of speculating about the Jodie leaving rumours: we don't know anything, we fear change but we're trying to be open-minded.

@mrsjmccrimmon chats with @fonegraph about discovering the show during 'the wildnerness years', our thoughts on the animated releases, predictions for Time Lord Victorious (yes, I'm that far behind), gives spoilers for a decade-old Big Finish story, and admit that we're both Big Finish addicts.

Mrs McCrimmon rambles with @Geoff C about the Thirteenth Doctor, lockdown content, sharing vague childhood memories of the McCoy era. And Geoff says Angel is better than Buffy (INSANITY).

Warning: Mrs McCrimmon's complete inability to do things quickly means listening to this podcast will transport you back to early lockdown, where rewatches were new and exciting and Saturday nights at home were still a bit weird.

As ever thanks to the Married to Who crew for my many theme tunes!

Mrs McCrimmon is joined by @Ode_Ollie as we talk about, among other things, conventions, the recent Doctor Who lockdown watchalongs, childhood memories, basically create our own @Married to Who fanclub, and explore what makes Doctor Who, and it's fandom, so special.

And surprisingly only mention series 12 once!

Mrs McCrimmon has an EMERGENCY PODCAST with guest @TheCityOfJeff about this week's iconic episode Fugitive of the Judoon.

We discuss our first impressions, speculate widly, reflect on what this all means for the Thirteenth Doctor, mangle some quotes, and even get time to discuss grammar.

Warning: some of the speculation comes from leaked location pictures, so if you're trying to stear clear of ANY spoilers, there is some in here.

Mrs McCrimmon is back and is joined by Dr Oho as we ramble about last week's teaser image, just what 'my Doctor' even means, the psychology of regeneration (TM), how the show has changed over the ages, how important the Target books continue to be... and MORE!

Includes a spectacular version of the theme tune by the Married to Who guys.

Episode transcript on the way.

Mrs McCrimmon, in what she is terming 'Episode 5 and a half', takes 3 minutes of your time to explain why the pace of the podcast has slowed down for a bit, and plans on taking it forward.

Mrs McCrimmon reflects on and reviews the Seventh Doctor's era, waxing lyrical over Dorothy McShane, and considering the era had impact on Modern Who.

And her theme song performed by @marriedtowho continues to get more and more 'bae'.


Episode transcript is here.

Mrs McCrimmon is joined by @Positive_Who as they try and get me into cosplay, we discuss our love of Katy Manning and Gruntleigh the Ogron, speculate wildly on series 12 rumours, commiserate and celebrate spending money on Big Finish, and loads more.


Episode transcript is here.

This episode Mrs McCrimmon explores the ethics of the Doctor in the revived series. Looking at important 'Moments', cowardice, volcanic eruptions, lies and the lying liars who tell them, and the spider eco-system in South Yorkshire! What ethical justification can she come up with!

The episode transcript is here.

It's for the greater good!



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